About the Do Jo

At VIC GRANIC’S Gym, you will learn the correct way to use the equipment and your personal trainer will ensure that you use proper form and technique for cardiovascular and weight training exercises to avoid injury.

Learn new skills.

Stop wasting time.

Get maximum results in a short time with private 1-on-1 workouts.

Improve your overall fitness.

Get professional assistance in improving strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

Learn to stick to It.

If your goal is to improve your strength and flexibility for tennis, skiing, or golf, VIC GRANIC’S Gym personal trainers can develop a sport specific fitness program that will improve your overall conditioning and help increase performance.

Make Workouts more effective – and more fun!

Having a pleasant workout session with a trainer distracts clients from the fact that they are really training harder than they would on their own, and makes working out more of a pleasurable experience.

North of Fifty developed by Vic granic who at 53 knows what your going through every step of the way for fitness self defense and overall well being

North of Fifty made with you in mind

Training Program fit for you!

Meditation *Yoga *Tai chi 

Cardio* Strength *Training 

Mixed Martial Arts  Karate Training *Striking ,Kicking Bag work basic mechanics *Boxing hand speed cord it natural training *Mitt Drill /Partner drill *Kata Training *Weapons Training *Grappling Holds and Locks *Submissions *Fight simulation training 



Programs and Services offered

Black Belt Program

Children Ages 5-6

Youth Ages 7-13


Competition Team Training

Personal Training

Small Group Training

Seminars & Camps

Open Mat Training

New Student Training

Online Training

Meditation Stretch

Become Something Greater.

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