February 2023

It is a great privilege to have my Sensei, Don Warrener, bestow me with the prestigious title of 8th Degree Black Belt (Hachi Dan) in Go Ju Ryu Karate. My teacher’s mentorship and guidance has been nothing short of inspirational; I am humbled to be among his countless black belts.

Sensei, your kindness and compassion have been so invaluable to me over the last 20 years, especially as I’ve navigated my journey of opening and running my own Dojo. You have taught me not only karate martial arts life but also many other valuable lessons – all things that would never have been possible without your guidance. Thank you for always being there for me and sharing your knowledge along the way!

I have been blessed to develop amazing relationships with kindred spirits from every corner of the world through him. I am immensely fortunate to have his loyalty and encouragement since my initial day in “Delta Dojo,” which has forged an unbreakable bond as strong as family ties that will endure forever.

I stand here today, celebrating this momentous occasion with my students – an accomplishment I could have never achieved without your generous and thoughtful guidance. Thus, it is with sincere appreciation that I thank you Sensei for giving me the tools to succeed! This experience has completely changed my life.

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