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Your Personalized Path to Mastery! 🥋

Step onto the Mat with Vic Granic’s Invitational Open Mat Training Sessions! 🥋

Hello Martial Arts Enthusiasts,

A new chapter in your martial arts journey awaits! We are thrilled to announce our invitational open mat training sessions. Designed to offer a flexible and personalized approach to your training, these sessions provide an unstructured environment for you to spar, drill, or simply connect with fellow practitioners.

Location & Schedule

Led by Super Kick Karate founder and 8th-degree black belt Vic Granic, our dojo will host these sessions on

Monday Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm (PERSONAL TRAINING AVAILABLE )

This special invitation extends to past black belts, friends of Vic Granic from around the world, and present students of Vic Granic’s Black Belt Club.

Cost & Payment Options

For information about the cost and payment options for these sessions, please contact Vic Granic directly at 647 885 5425 (Text preferred) or register online . Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions!

Benefits of Joining Our Open Mat Sessions

  1. Flexibility: Tailor your workout routine to suit your needs. Practice kickboxing, heavy bag training, Tai Chi, fitness strength training, Karate, Kobudo weaponry, Jiu-Jitsu, or sparring training.
  2. Personalized Approach: Vic Granic emphasizes knowing his students personally, creating an environment conducive to growth.
  3. Community Spirit: Be part of a thriving martial arts community that values discipline, mutual support, and constant learning.

Join us on the mat, where every fall is a lesson, and every rise, a victory! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to enhance your skills and contribute to the vibrant energy of our dojo.

We eagerly await your presence!

Best regards, The Team at Vic Granic’s Black Belt Club

Personal Training with Vic and HOW IT WORKS!

Super Kick Karate Mixed Martial Arts Training . Founded in 2003 by Martial Artist Vic Granic a 8th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Karate who brings over 30 years experience and knowledge of the many Mixed Martial Arts.

Vic’s training format provides a killer workouts in just 45 min.

Learn the correct way to shadow box ,use the heavy bags and learn striking combinations that are effective as well as drills that actually simulate those found in MMA

Groundwork drills that help his students better understand the body mechanics in the self defense component at the same time engaging those core muscles .

Agility and strength training drills to make the solid foundation and get that heart rate at another level

Affordable and accessible. This program is adaptable so that you can pick up the pace when you are ready but good luck with that .

Whether you’re male or female, young or old we all have the same goal , is sure to get you fit like a fighter, without the bruises of course

Mind Body and Spirit

Punch and kick bags, not people. As well as all while learning the core self-defence movements found in Traditional Karate ,Boxing ,Jiu Jitsu.

Quickly and take your training to another level with more than just work out

Stop wasting time.

Get maximum results in a short time with private 1-on-1 workouts.

Improve your overall fitness.

Get professional assistance in improving strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular health.

Learn to stick to It.

Reach or maintain a healthy weight.

Body fat reduction, toning, weight reduction and weight management can be acheived with the aid of our qualified personal trainers. They will help you set realistic goals and provide safe strategies and encouragement to help you meet those goals.

Focus on your unique health concerns

Surveys show that 50% of personal fitness trainers’ clients have special medical needs such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity. We can work with you to plan a safe, effective program that will help you to reach your health goals.

man in black pants and black tank top standing on brown wooden floor

Surveys show that 50% of personal fitness trainers’ clients have special medical needs such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity. We can work with you to plan a safe, effective program that will help you to reach your health goals.

Insure proper form and technique.

Vic will help you learn the correct way to use the equipment will ensure that you use proper form and technique for cardiovascular and weight bag work training exercises to avoid injury.

Learn new skills.

If your goal is to improve your strength and flexibility for tennis, skiing, or golf, VIC GRANIC’ can develop a sport specific fitness program that will improve your overall conditioning and help increase performance.

Make Workouts more effective – and more fun!

Having a pleasant workout session with a trainer distracts clients from the fact that they are really training harder than they would on their own, and makes working out more of a pleasurable experience.

North of Fifty developed by Vic Granic, who at 53 years of age I can empathize with what your going through from the warm up to cool downs I am with you every step of the way be it for for fitness self defense and overall well being we can map a plan for you  

North of Fifty Training  made with you in mind  Training Program fit for you!

One thing for certain is You will never get bored training with Vic !


  • $65 per session rate
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Progress Monitoring

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  • 55 per session rate
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Progress Monitoring

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80$ per session rate. Expires 4 months from the date of purchase.

Please note: peak reservation times (5:30pm-8pm) are not available with this option.



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