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Vic Granic’s SuperKick Karate is the perfect place for your child to build self-confidence and learn self-control. Our program emphasizes positive thinking and life skills, listening skills, respect and good manners, greater focus and concentration, perseverance, and courage. Our Student Safety Program includes anti-bullying and self-defense techniques, so your child can feel safe taking risks and exploring their potential in a fun and fit the environment.

A child needs absolutely no experience to start, and we guarantee a noticeable increase in your child’s confidence within a few weeks!

The Black Belt Club is an invitation-only program for children who excel in our beginner program.

This is our most advanced youth program and joining the Black Belt Club is the highest honor. Students in this program possess all the traits necessary for success on the path to black belt: discipline, respect, courage, leadership, loyalty, and compassion.

The teaching methodologies used by Vic in his program are unlike anything else. “We focus on many non-violent self-defense techniques that teach children to “neutralize and negotiate” with bullies. Verbal assertiveness strategies are a major portion of our curriculum.”

The Leadership Team at our school is a group of students who are hand-picked to assist in class and school events. They gain valuable life and work experience and build lasting friendships. As a member of the Leadership Team, Students will have the opportunity to help shape our school community. discuss this opportunity with you further.

Making a difference in the lives of students is what being a part of the Leadership Team is all about. We are empowering students to set and achieve their goals, setting them on a path to success in academics and life! By working together, we can help each student reach their full potential. Joining the Leadership Team is an investment in the future of our students and our community. together, we can make a difference!


Martial Arts training is the only activity perfectly positioned to integrate character education, because it serves as a vehicle to instill values and skills that children can put to use outside of the martial arts school. Martial arts also stresses the vital importance of a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life.

Through the Martial Art Youth Program at Super Kick Karate, your children will acquire:

  • self confidence and self control
  • positive thinking
  • listening skills
  • respect and good manners
  • greater focus and concentration
  • perseverance, courage and life skills
  • Student Safety Program
  • anti-bullying and self defense techniques
  • safe environment to take risks
  • fitness
  • FUN!

Vic Granic is a 6th Degree Black Belt and has been a Black belt since 1995 Training and teaching Martial arts ever since .

He established Vic Granic’s Super Kick Karate Black Belt Program

Creating his popular programs

“Confident Kids” “Karate FiT Kid” “Empowered Youth” “Champions for the Game of Life

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