Vic Granic

Vic Granic has been Black Belt since 1995 and has over 35 years of training and experience. He is a current rank 8th Degree Black Belt Japanese Go Ju Ryu Karate.

A student of Sensei Don Warrener.

In 2003, Vic founded Super Kick Karate in Toronto.

Through Super Kick, he has raised awareness for The Hospital for Sick Kids.

When he hosted the 2006 Canadian Karate Championships, he founded the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame inducting the first of many into the Hall of Fame in Toronto Canada .

Bringing together all martial arts styles at his ” Open Tournament of Champions ” was the moment he wanted to create a Mixed Martial Arts Curricula for Super Kick Karate and began incorporating along with Karate, Boxing, Judo , Jiu Jitsu Kobudo Personal Fitness and sport specific training .

“My goal is to help my community by developing one black belt at a time. I made the decision in 2021 to focus solely on teaching young people the true benefits of karate and assisting my families directly in helping develop the young minds of my community. I also help develop leadership teams and skills that all students can benefit from later in life, creating confident children. It is an honor to be at the forefront of this educational movement in our martial arts industry.”

Listen in on a conversation below on Moneris podcast .”Yes We are Open!”

Vic has always been a man of action. When the pandemic hit, he knew that he had to do something to help the young people in his community. He decided to focus solely on teaching them the true benefits of karate and assist his families directly in helping develop their young minds.

He continues to welcome adult students who completed his program with open arms, as they are able to help him continue developing leadership skills and other beneficial traits that all students can benefit from later in life. His karate path is one that not only teaches children how to defend themselves, but also empowers them with the confidence they need to lead healthy lives.

I am Who I Am. I’m a dreamer with a social conscience. I take pleasure in the simplest things, and appreciate culture and opportunities for self improvement. I like to be physically and intellectually active, but it’s often difficult to find the right balance so I work out with smart people. I live a relatively modest lifestyle but feel rich. I am not looking for perfection in my own life or others, but like to live courageously and indulge.

From Sensei Don Warrener
A Journey Begins With Single Step