Vic Granic

Vic Granic Founder of Super Kick Karate Mixed Martial Arts Training Centre

Current rank, Renshi a Roku Dan in Japanese Karate

6th Degree Black Belt

1995 Earned his Black Belt in Go Ju Ryu Karate

2003 – Founded his Do jo Super Kick Karate in Toronto Canada on King St

Super Kids raising awarenes for The Hospital for Sick Kid’s

In his Tournament 2006 Canadian Karate Championships founded the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame inducting the first of many into the Hall of Fame in Toronto Canada . Bringing together all martial arts styles at his ” Open Tournament of Champions ” This was the moment he wanted to create a Mixed Martial Arts Curricula to Super Kick Karate his do jo and began incorporating Karate, Boxing, Judo , Jiu Jitsu Kobudo Black Belt System. Personal Fitness as well as online training .

SKK History 2007 Atlantic Ave in Toronto

2012 Liberty Market Building in Toronto

2018 College St W in Toronto

Renshi a Roku Dan in Japanese Karate 6th Degree Black Belt

His Sensei

Who am I ? well I’m a bit of a dreamer with a social conscience. I take pleasure in the simplest things. I appreciate culture and opportunities for self improvement. I like to be physically and intellectually active. It is often difficult to find the right balance so I work out with smart people. I live a relatively modest lifestyle but feel rich. I am not looking for perfection in my own life or others but like to live courageously and indulge.”