Here are some testimonials provided from devoted members of the community that has been created as a result of Sensei Granic and his Super Kick Karate business:

…In life I have learnt that there is family we can choose. I have chosen Sensei Vic as our family as he loves us unconditionally and his community he built from a giving heart.

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He takes time to walk with each of his students from the youngest being 4 years old to the eldest being 60 years old…

He says in the face of challenge we must turn it up as nothing is impossible.

My eldest son is 14 years old and youngest is 9.

We have been at the dojo since my eldest was 4 years old. Sensei Vic teaches life skills and ensures his students are earning their belts through hardwork and dedication to do better for the better especially in self.

He definitely is creating champions for life. He also is a champion in our community as well as in our lives as he has preserved throughout not knowing how he will make ends meet but he does, as half the battle is showing up and the next battle is to remain willing. He does both daily. Sensei Vic is the family we choose as he chooses us. ~Caroline Radovini

Superkick Karate, owned and operated by Vic Granic, has been a safe place for my kids. He runs an outstanding karate dojo, but more importantly, he provides life skills in a loving and supportive environment. Vic instils integrity, discipline, confidence and pride in the students he works with. His work is his passion and that passion spills over into the students. There really are no words to describe this man. He is part of our family and we are indebted to him for what he has given us. ~Vickie Hiltz

Sensei and Super Kick Karate have had many impacts on my life and development. Sensei has taught me, and many others, how to keep ourselves safe. Sensei taught me that karate is not to be used to attack but to defend ourselves in cases that we need. Sensei teaches me to stand up to people and to help others in need. Those are some of the impacts that Sensei has made in my life and I appreciate and respect him very much. He is like family to me. ~Raeden Jackson

Super Kick has been great for my kids. Sensei Vic does a great job relating traditional karate techniques to kids in a current manner that they understand. He is great with the kids and has no reservation to being silly with them when the time is right while providing structure and disciplined training. I especially enjoy the positive attitude that he likes to keep in his Dojo. Alongside teaching karate he also provides a space for the kids to learn leadership skills as they demonstrate techniques and vocalize when certain moves would be used. Often he ties in life lessons to classes such as for the kids to be open to speak with their parents or trusted adult if they are faced with bullies, the importance of perseverance through hardship and the skill of encouraging each other as they learn. Many of the kids in the Super kick program started when they were quite young and are still training with Sensei Vic 5-10 years later, this is a testament to how comfortable the kids and their guardians feel about having Sensei Vic as a constant in their lives. ~Carl

Sensei has made a positive impact in my life by teaching me self defence and also helping me to strengthen my mind. He doesn’t only teach us martial arts. Sometimes a the start of class he teaches us how to react to certain things, for example he has given me tips to help me control my emotions. I also have fun learning martial arts by doing katas, sparring and grappling. ~Zaiire

“Vic (Super Kick Karate head instructor) is a wonderful role model for my son. His positivity, strength, courage and convic- tion shines through at every class.” ~ Joanne M.

“Great instructors, awesome atmosphere, my kids look forward to their sessions!” ~ Veronica R.

“Our son joined Super Kick Karate two years ago and it’s remarkable how much confidence it has instilled in him.” ~ Jo K.

“Vic has a great rapport with the children he teaches. They not only learn karate from him, but respect and self confidence.” ~ Dana M.

“Vic has provided my son with more than just the knowledge of karate, he has given him self esteem, confidence and discipline.” ~ Lauren S.

“Vic is amazing with kids. My son’s self esteem has improved greatly since he joined with Super Kick Karate.” ~ Alex R.

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